Mailday 13 – Four Horsemen and the old stuff

I am definitely way too tired to make preparations for Christmas. I am also not exactly in a state of being able to write on the paper I have to submit in connection with my education. So what to do? A mailday post is very much due!

It has been some time since the last. It is not because I haven’t been acquiring new cards, I just haven’t found the time to write this. So actually, the pile is rather big at this point. And I have been collecting stuff from all of the original prankster editions (well except for the very original one – there are no new Alpha cards this time.

But let’s dive right into it…


Okay, so many of the cards shown here tonight, I traded with Tier1mtg at LIC 4.0. I traded away around 300 or so new-ish cards. At least newer than Unlimited… Among them a lot of old border foils which has seen a tremendous rise the last months. Thank you Premodern.

Ah yes, a card from the original expansion. I have been playing my German Sindbads for around a year now in a lot of different brews, and when I had the chance to upgrade to this very beautiful set, it was a done deal!

Sindbad is a card I really enjoy playing. It is one of those cards – much like The Lady herself – that may not seem very good at the face of it, but when you get it going – either with Sylvan Library or in a graveyard/reanimation themed deck, it is crazy strong!

And then these:

For the life of me, I don’t get why I haven’t been brewing around these badboys until I saw Mitja Held play some very nice brews on the Sky Guild-channel on youtube. Also, by the way, insane probs to Mitja and Charles for creating so much content with such an awesome amount of innovation and brewery!

This is basically a picture of all the cards I needed to finish around 16 different brews. Okay maybe only around 4 but the point stands. This is a great pile to add to my collection, even though the cards themselves are very modest.

Yeah, okay. The Dark may not have been the most overpowered expansion of the four. But I wanted to try to built a fast monored Goblin deck, and then you just have to get these guys in. Oh, also Brainwash because… You know! Green-White Enchantress Stax! No? Yeah!

And then to the old guys

As I mentioned before, I was very inspired by Mitjas Living Altar deck, and wanted to be able to play it (or something resembling it) myself. I also wanted to be able to play a black version, so Kormus Bell hit the list. And then COP: Green to go with the Leprechauns. And an Unlimited Stream of Life for a very slowly building global collection of Streams of Life. Yep.

And then a couple of heavy hitters. The two Forks are to supplement my two Beta copies when I want to play crazy combo brews. The Badlands is the third, and I now only need one more!

And then the last couple of cards. If you have been able to hang on until now, I salute you – and hand to you this awesome treat:

Nope, you eyes did not deceive you! Those are indeed two Beta Lich in all their evil, majestic glory! Just look at them! This is for some reason a kind of dream come true. I am not exactly sure why, but I remember someone back at my elementary school had an Unlimited Lich at some point, and we were all just in awe because of the very cool picture. And the insane casting cost. We never figured out what it did, but I have learned since, and I guess next year will be the year of the Lich around these parts!

And just to round it off: these were among the cards I traded for! Even better! In the current market I would never have bought Beta copies, but when I was able to throw a pile of unused cards at a vendor to acquire these, there was no doubt!

So thats it for today. And for the mailday posts of 2022. Consider my Christmas gift for myself done.

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