An ancient tale…

In ancient tomes a tale has been told

A tale of evil and horrors of old:

“Fallen Angels and Specters announce the coming

A demon and hordes of the nether are spearheading the summoning

Dark Rituals, mysterious stones,

– a ring of fire: a sight to behold!

The caretakers of hell presides the required sacrifice

On altars of wood and bone

a dream of the underworld!

A demonic being, a Tutor from hell

A mind twisting entity in a terrible shell

Indeed the end is near

the priest are announcing him

The world will tear

When you hear the bells toll and a howl from beyond


Because he is here – and there will be no dawn!

What is it?

Who is it?

The lord himself?

The Fürst der Unterwelt!”

Look, ma! I built a theme deck! With a poem to go with it!

No, it is not particularly strong. Yes I should probably try to fit a Hellfire or 700 other on-theme cards in there. But no, I will not. The deck as it stands has a lot of surprising, potentially strong synergies. And it has been a lot of fun to design and built!

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