Mailday 12 – still with a plan (in sight)

I know these posts are not all the rage, but I like mailday posts myself, and I use them to keep a little track of my acquisitions throughout the year. But you don’t hear me posting a lot of adds for these particular writings on my proverbial wall. Nope.

Anyway, I have been out buying some old cardboard again. Wohoo! It is still great to do such things. It does not happen as often as it once did, but after saving for a couple of months, I was able to do some buying. Oh! And I traded for some cards, even!

As should be quite obvious for all, this winter will be very expensive, if you live in a house, you want to heat. I do exactly that, so my funny-money account has taken some serious hits the last couple of months, to bolster the not-in-anyway-funny-but-very-necessary account a bit. I am no one to complain, I am still very, very privileged, and I will not be cold (inside my own house) this winter.

I hope all of you are also looking at a reasonable winter, where you are able to live without cutting too many corners, and without having to sell to many of your loved cardboard.

Enough of that. Lets hope the current Ukrainian progress is the beginning of the end of the miserable war.

Now on to what this should be all about. New additions for the binders and cases!

Exchanging cardboard like it was 1994!

As mentioned, I was actually able to trade for some cards a week or two ago. The Wednesday Wizards were gathering in Teis’ “l’Orangerie” in his backyard – yep, yep, I only visit the finer places, this globe has to offer!

Fellow Wednesday Wizard Caspar had just bought a huge collection, and in it was some cards, I really wanted. He looked through my measly pile of traders and found… An Unlimited Sol Ring! It was thrown in there along with a handful of Revised Sol Rings, and I had honestly forgotten I even owned it!

And the Sol Ring in question was exactly what Caspar had his eyes out for. Greatness! It is so rare that I am in a situation where I can trade for cards, because I almost never have anything I want to get rid of. But this was one of the good times. I got a hold of some evil black Legends!

And some – maybe not as evil – green Legends along with other stuff!

I love it! Great cards. Now I am almost ready for the Eye deck. And the Fürst deck. Oh, and I only lack a couple of cards to make the deep dive into building Leprechaun decks. Wish me luck.

But none of these cards were ever on my plan for cards to get this year.

According to plan

These, on the other hand, was at the very center of my plan for this year!

Oh yeah! Another two Unlimited Duals. I have to say they grow on me. A couple of years ago, when I bought my first Unlimited Duals in recent times, it felt like a bit of a duty, to be able to play Swedish legal. But now, I really enjoy getting these in the door.

It is, however, quite a strange feeling not, presently to own a complete playset of duals. I only have 38 as I sold my four Revised Badlands to pay for these two. But, who plays Badlands anyway, right…? I mean they can’t even play an Enchantress. Or a Leprechaun…

So that was it. I still hope to be able to finish the playset of Badlands before new years eve, but let’s see how everything goes. For now, I am just thrilled that I got this far.

Have a great evening, day, morning, whichever suits!

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