Wednesday Wizards!

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Now, it is not brag, nor is it to make you jealous. But I understand if you are. Jealous that is. Because last Wednesday, four Wednesday Wizards joined me to sling some serious Magic in my basement. My to-come nerdy man-cave thingamadoodle. A room in the basement with no other use, than to have great […]

What is combo?

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You may think that is a strange question. We all know what a combo is, right? It is a combination of cards that do something… erh… wild? Something that wins the game? Cards that work well together? Winning without using the attack step? Something unexpected? A combination of cards where the effect is greater than […]

Old Fashioned!

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Aaaahh yes! An old fashioned. That is what I call a cocktail – I know my ice-cube game is not impressive, but it doesn’t matter much. It works! It is also so aptly named. And yesterday I did something that seemed as old-fashioned as buying things in physical stores and inviting more than four people […]

MEGA3 – MidrangeChantress

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Part 3. The Midrange/Control deck Oh yes! More writings on Verduran Enchantress! The next piece of the MEGA series! I know, you’ve missed it sorely the last couple of weeks (and my sincerest apologies for being so slow to write this piece. I guess life hit me, and forced me to spend my evenings watching […]

Mailday 7 – OLD stuff

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It has happened again! The last month, I have seen an almost constant flow of Old Spice coming directly to me daily. Oh boy! I have been on a shopping spree. As in autumn 2020, the Danish government released some frozen funds this March to stimulate the economy. As with many other such attempts on […]

MEGA2 – AggroChantress

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Part 2. The Aggro deck Right. Off to the biggest of the challenges first. As I have mentioned, I am no big aggro deck player. Actually, I don’t really like playing creatures with no other interesting ability than the ability to attack (LINK). And as I mentioned in Part 1 of the MEGA series (LINK), […]