Mailday 14 – Great red spice

It’s been a while! Not because I haven’t acquired new cards, simply because I have forgot to post them here.

Last time we had some insane heavy hitters, not least in the form of the two very evil Beta Liches I was able to present to you.

This time we err to the slightly less powered side, but still well within my plan, and still some sweet, sweet cards, that I have been wanting for a long time. Cards that really needs to be present in a brewers cupboard!

First of all, these:

Aaaah, yes! The Kobold Allure. So innocent, they seem. So under the radar, they go. But wait! They are 0-drop creatures! They must be playable somewhere!

Well… That is still to be decided. But what is it about these horrible cards? They have had an almost mythical status ever since their printing! I know that they, in theory, break the p/t to cost ratio, but not by a lot. And they still take up slots in your 60. Without really doing anything for the space they fill.

Maybe it has something to do with their presence in other fantasy settings? I don’t know. I have had a set of these many years ago when I tried to brew something epic in legacy, relying on a lot of 0-cost creatures. But guess what: I did not really succeeed…

I will probably not be the one to break these 12 cards into a tier1 deck in Old School either, but I will use these little guys as seasoning once in a while, and I can assure you that I have already used them to great fun (they are great fodder to Ashnod’s Altar!). But I will get back to that at a later point.

And speaking of sacrificing your own creatures, I have been wanting to do so for a long time, but getting more than just mana out of it. Enter:

Exactly! A kitchen table staple! Actually it is a card I have been wanting for some time, but I have never around to prioritizing it. But with a plan to buy myself a couple of Diamond Valleys (let’s see if we ever get there!), I had to get these.

I have already tried to fly these little things, but it has caught my attention why they have thus far remained a kitchen table favorite and not necessarily a player at the big tables: the eggs seem to go plow all the time. That is a pity. I even had my bird token Unsummoned the other day. Hmm. I guess I just have to push on, and live the dream of actually attacking with a Bird token at some point.

And then to a card I bought back in January. The finishing card to several decks. A card I have already shown you. A card that has already seen battle, and been sending jolts of Lightning across the table:

That is it! My fourth Unlimited Badlands. And I am at 40 duals once again. I still need to upgrade 16 duals, but it is only the white ones – and who plays white anyway?

That is it for today. I hope you are having a blast, whatever you are doing.

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