A wizard comes true?

Aahh yes! The sweet dream of being one of the big boys, one of the bad MF’s in the yard. One of the true wizards. Oh! Did I mention I have managed to assemble a complete Alpha40 deck?


Yes I have, but I am not afraid to mention it again. Excuse me for being an ass, but I am actually rather thrilled about it.

Behold the glory!

I haven’t actually played the pile yet, but it looks like a deck, and when goldfishing, it doesn’t seem be totally chanceless. Even though I must say, I do not look forward to facing Mono Black decks or blue control with Counterspells or – please, God no! – the dreaded Circle of Protection: Red / Artillery deck.

But again: I think the deck should be able to do some damage to some opponents.

And it is just such a joy to look at!

As I mentioned when beginning the quest to assemble the 40, I probably won’t ever attend the league. I will maybe battle some other crazy Alpha Wizards as side-quests of tournaments I attend, but that will probably be it.

But again! The looks of it. The feel of it. The sheer history in this pile of cardboard. I really love it.

A bit about the journey

I set out on the journey to complete an Alpha40 deck in January. Back then, I had 12 cards that would eventually be part of the deck, and I figured it would be a very long journey.

But it wasn’t!

At least not as long, as I had thought it to be. And that is one thing we can thank the horrible Covid19-pandemic for. Because I was handed some unforeseen funny-money (stimulus check) in just the right moment to buy the cards for the deck, before they spiked ridiculously. For example, I bought my Channel (which is damaged, because of a bend, that is only visible on the backside) for €100 just before it shot up to around €250 for an equally damaged copy. And I bought my second Mana Flare for €600. The next day, the cheapest available was €1.100. Oh, and the Lightning Bolts? €1000 for the four (the real cost here, was the horror of the waiting time!).

When looking at prices today, it seems like it should be ages since I bought my cards… And I just have to say, that if I had to start assembling the deck today, I would never reach the finish line.

But it was fun and, of course, very worth it.

When I set out on my quest, I also promised to acknowledge my privilege in being able to buy such stupidly expensive cardboard – especially (1) the cards I already owned newer copies off, or (2) the cards that are just plain bad in any other circumstance (looking at you Regeneration and Wooded Sphere!).

My plan was to donate funds to charity helping children in need for the same amount as half the money I spent on cards that fit one of the above mentioned criteria.

All in all my buying of Basic Lands, Firebreathings and Wild Growths 5-8 among others ran at bit less than €400. So I scaled up a bit, and donated the equivalent to €200 to Save the Children.

The future

When I was designing and building the deck, I couldn’t help also designing an Alpha60 deck under normal rules for deck construction.

It was a cool deck with even more Firebreathings, and big nasty creatures in the form of Obsianous Golems and Craw Wurms! YEAH!

But before I got to buy these extraordinaire beauties, they rose so much in price, that I simply couldn’t afford them.

But I could afford their younger cousins:

The Danish Old School Community has started a format called AB60, where only cards from Alpha and Beta are allowed. You play 60 card decks, play with modern rules, and there are some restrictions and bannings. So this deck will get a swing at someone someday! I will look forward to that.

That’s it for this time. I just want to stop here with a great thanks to the awesome Old School community in general but also the Alpha40 specifically. You guys – crazy as you are – are something very special!

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