Mailday 4 – Lightning Strikes!

Oh, I must say! I have been gathering strength to write this post for some days now.

The hand-wrenching. The sweat and tears. I have been so worried!

Since just before Christmas, I have been expecting a package of cards from Spain. And not just any cards. But they just didn’t arrive. The sender called the post office. Magiccardmarket started an investigation. I checked my mailbox frantically!

I was sure, that a playset of the most beautiful pieces of Magic history would end their life behind some shelves, in the dust, just lying there crumbling more and more in the moist of the Ukrainian post office back room. Oh the horror.

But today, when I casually emptied my mailbox, expecting literally nothing; Lightning strikes:

The four Alpha Lightning Bolts in the top had finally arrived. Sighs of relief are in order!

In December, I managed to sell some of my last Legacy and Modern stuff. The pile I sold was transformed directly into the beautiful playset of Bolts. Best. Trade. Ever.

The shipment was ensured through MCM, so I wasn’t really worried about the financial side (except these cards has risen a bit in value since mid-December). But the thought of some of the most iconic and most playable Alpha cards to end their days in some wastepile? It was unbearable.

The other cards on the photo are someone I have acquired recently. I tripped over a couple of great offers, so my Alpha40 project suddenly progressed a lot.

Getting nearer

Remember when I told you my quest to build an Alpha40 deck would take a really long time?

Well, I am sure it will, but I got a lot closer this week:

The Firebreathing is down there, because it is my flex-slot. I plan on having at least 3 different cards to choose from for this slot. Until I can afford a Wheel of Fortune…

I only miss 12 cards! And as you may have guessed, 8 of them are basic lands. So maybe the quest won’t be as long, as first anticipated. That is great! I really like where this deck is headed.

These acquisitions also mean, that I owe some funds for charity. I will bundle it all, and pay it when I have completed the deck. But for now, I owe €35 for Wild Growth 5-8, €46 for the six new basics and finally €4 for the Disintegrate.

A total of €85.

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