Other sources of almost endless inspiration

I like to read about Old School Magic. And I like to watch pictures and videos of Old School Magic. When I do these things, I primarily use these pages:

http://oldschool-mtg.blogspot.com/ Where it all startet for me – Magnus de Lavals blog. A lot of very interesting posts for those interested in some of the more obscure history of our beloved game.

https://endofturndrawacard.wordpress.com/ Svante Landgrafs page. Svante is a master OS deck builder and player. I like to read his writings on the more competitive side of the format.

https://brothersoffire.home.blog/blog/ The British Brothers Of Fire Blog. Just great posts about different aspects of the format.

https://www.youtube.com/user/RaVNeFLoK Gandalf the Dark is one of the Danish Old Schoolers. He has a YouTube channel with a lot of content – primarily matches between Gandalf himself and his friends.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcPKtTJbrcxdd_X9K9ogKYw Simon “I Sleep to Dubstep” Rokkjærs YouTube channel. Lots of content, and weekly updates of Simon Says. Also something about Table Tennis…

http://www.wak-wak.se/ I primarily use this great page with lots and lots of relevant content (not least the podcast) for their great decks section.

https://teamtron.dk/#Articles Team Tron is a Danish Old School Team. On their page, they have linked Allan Linderup Smeds articles about the Old School format. Especially useful for players new to the format.

https://www.vintagemagic.com/blog/old-school-magic-chapter-12-building-a-stronger-prison/ At VintageMagic Stephen Menendian has written a 12-piece series on various aspects of Old School. I highly recommend these articles for players who wants to know more about the history of our game. This link is to the last of the pieces, but there is an index at the beginning.