About the blog

This blog is about Magic: The Gathering (and maybe a little bit about #FridayBowties, we’ll see). I almost exclusively blog about the Old School format, ranging from the Alpha set to The Dark (in Denmark we also allow old frame, same picture reprints) – Swedish ban list. Check out this page for more info (and great reads in the blog session): https://oldschool-mtg.blogspot.com/p/banrestriction.html.

Sometimes I will blog about something not too Old School related, as I also play Commander, Canadian Highlander, Premodern and some other stuff. Sometimes, maybe I will just ramble about something else, non-magic related, we’ll see!

My blogs vary between tournament reports, deck techs, mail days and general chatter about the format, specific cards and life in general. I write because I like it. If you enjoy my writings, please let me know. And please feel free to message me, if there is some specific object, you would like me to write about. Or if you want to post your own writings on my wall!

I blog in English to reach a wider audience. My primary context is Danish. So if, for example, I was to interview “known” OS players, it would probably first and foremost be “known” Danish OS players. It is also my hope that sometimes other players, strategizers or deckbuilders will write pieces for the blog, and if/when that happens, I’ll allow for Danish content.

There will not be very regular posts on here. I have children, day-job, friends, other hobbies, a house and so on. I hope to at least post one larger piece a month.

Me and my magical career

My name is Emil, I live in the southern part of the Danish island Funen. I was born in 1985 and have been playing Magic since 1995 with the release of Ice Age.

Up until about 2002, I exclusively played kitchen table/schoolyard magic. From 2002 to 2006 I ventured into Vintage. When the Legacy format was born in 2006, I started playing that (regrettably, I sold the few pieces of power I had actually managed to buy, to buy myself some sweet foils instead. Oh the folly!)

When Legacy went completely idiotic, and started changing fundamentally with every new set release, I stopped playing it. Instead, I started playing commander with my friends. I started selling my foils and Legacy playables to buy into Vintage again. At one point around 2017, I think, I heard about this crazy, stupid, expensive format called Old School. I thought it to be an absolutely crazy format, and way too expensive. But I decided that I wanted to be able to at least built one (budget/bad) deck, and as the combo player, I am, I decided on Power Monolith. I reluctantly bought a playset of beta Basalt Monoliths for about 30€ a piece, thinking it was absolutely crazy. But I was immediately sucked in, and have since then used all my spare money on way too expensive, very old cardboard.

I have played and organized a giant number of tournaments throughout the years, but never really won anything particular. I am a pretty bad player, but I enjoy the game and community immensely!

Please contact me at emil@aspectacleatpendrellvale.com