Mailday 8 – A turkey, some snakes, balls, a lot of newbies and an upgrade

It’s been a while since my last mailday post. One could think the break was just a general lack of interest from my part or from yours. But I have no way of monitoring your interest, and mine is always on. I like maildays!

Nope, the reason why its been 3½ months, is because I actually haven’t bought that many cards since the end of March/beginning of April. Several reasons for that: First off, I needed some new clothes. Yep. I can’t really wear a Triskelion or an Armageddon to work. Second, I have had a bit of a down-period Magic wise. Both because of some personal problems and because of a general lack of excess energy (oh, and that horrible, draining, worry-infusing pandemic!). But most importantly, thirdly, I haven’t bought that much cardboard the last couple of months, because I scared myself a little bit in February-March. I was on a shopping spree. At one point I think I had 12 letters incoming! It wasn’t really a good day, if I didn’t receive some cards. I was frantically looking for more cards to buy (that I could afford). It was almost turning into something unhealthy (at least for my wallet and savings account).

So I ate my Cold Turkey, and simply stopped buying cards for a couple of weeks. I was not sure how it would go down, but of course it was fine. For a couple of months I only bought some lesser cards, but then in late June, I felt I could handle the risk of shopping sprees again, so I bought this pile:

To be honest these are cards from three different trades. But I must say I REALLY enjoy these cards. I have mentioned it some many times before, but dammit Beta cards are sexy!

Also Ball Lightnings! Now I only need one more to complete my set, and then I am all set to play AnimatedBalls. That will be fun. I am looking forward to that. Ball Lightning was one of the first really broken cards I ever came across in the schoolyard of yore, and I have always loved the damn thing.

Well, to get things down to earth again, the other day I received these:

I know I know! You may think a lot of these cards are horrible to behold. Maybe your eyes are even burning now (maybe I should put up warnings before posting pics of modern cardboard?), but these are all for some very cool, nostalgic, fun and or crazy Permodern decks. Or for a couple of Canlander Decks I am slowly working on.

Oh right, the also came in the same letter as these:

BEHOLD! One of the examples of the incredible power that is Reserved List cards! Working on my MEGA-series has finally convinced me, that I need to have a couple of these whizzling beauties somewhere in my piles of cards. And seeing how many Triskelions are around – or moxes and Icys for that matter – it actually seems like a decent card.

The final thing I want to show you in this post is also the biggest chunk.

When I attended the OldBoys Con in Copenhagen back in the final weekend of June, I managed to trade a giant pile (around 200 cards) or very random modern playables – and also some not-so-playables – for this true beauty:

Whoops! I did it again. I had promised myself to stop the hunt for Unlimited duals because… Well because it is rather stupid, seeing as I will probably never attend a Swedish-only tournament, and even if I do, I already own Tropicals, Undergrounds and Volcanics. That should cover me.

But Taiga was next on my list… And it just sat there. And I could afford only from the trade of a lot of random, ignorable crap from my cases of long-forgotten legacy cards. Of course there was no question about it.

And when I acquired one, I could almost finance the other three, by selling my playset of Revised copies. Or at least two more, and then I just had to pay for one more…

Oh yes! I now have another playset of Unlimited Duals. So no I all in the Kird Ape game!

After doing these trades and purchases, I figured that one more playset of Unlimited Duals – namely Badlands – could be defended. Then I would be a 20-20 Revised-Unlimited, and I almost never play other duals than those in tournaments anyway. Who wants to play white in this format?!?

But the Badlands will have to wait. Maybe indefinitely – who knows! For now I am just super-thrilled with my new playthings.

Stay safe – and buy with caution 🙂

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