Wednesday Wizards!

Now, it is not brag, nor is it to make you jealous. But I understand if you are. Jealous that is. Because last Wednesday, four Wednesday Wizards joined me to sling some serious Magic in my basement. My to-come nerdy man-cave thingamadoodle. A room in the basement with no other use, than to have great times.

You have met several of these fine gentlemen before. But others joined. Among them a completely new fried, Casper, who i’ve never met before, but I was buying some cards from him, and when I realized he was living close to me, of course I invited him. Of course he said yes. Why wouldn’t he?

So there you have it, we were Casper, Teis, Thomas, Peter and myself. The Other Thomas was sadly still hungovered from a wedding the past weekend. Quite the wedding it must have been!

What a grand gathering. And even on an otherwise completely normal, unsuspecting Wednesday in a very Autumn-y August in Denmark

Yes, complete with Lego, Darts and board-games. It will be more slick at some point. These guys, on the other hand? Can’t be more slick!

See, the point of getting together was, of course, to play some Magic! Old School, should be obvious. I had built some decks I wanted to try off. But most of all, I was just excited to actually play real, physical Old School Magic with great people and no fear of that stupid pandemic (because we are all vaccinated – do it!).

My evening started great, browsing through Caspers piles of binders and decksboxes filled with all kinds of great old cardboard. I was almost about to write “nothing fancy” but that would be a big, fat lie! There was a lot of fanciness!

Anyway. My first game was against the new guy. Being the lucky guy sitting the first round out, I knew what I was up against. I also knew, that the deck I had ready, was not the best choice, but why would I ever change decks for such sentiments?

Casper played an aggressive RG beats – Erhnam-Burn’em if you will. I played a slow Colossus of Sardia – Maze of Ith – Sacrifice – Animate Dead – Drain Life deck. My deck was great fun. I managed to play The Abyss in two ouf of three games, but it was not enough in one of them. I did kill Casper with a couple of Colossi though! Mission most certainly accomplished!

While playing, Peter introduces us to his summer holiday project. Awesome counters from the windy western shores of Jutland.

This boardstate is all the rage. Teis and Peter always makes crazy creations! But behold! The counters in the Revised Serendib. That is the stuff!

After having my ass handed to my, folded like a hat, from the new guy, I was up against Thomas.

I had rearranged some central cards, and was now ready to wield my go at a Black-Red-Blue tempo deck with Sinkholes, Force Spikes, Winter Orb, Bolts, Spectors and Efreets. It also has two maindeck Red Elemental Blasts. That seemed like a great idea, when building the deck. Now that I was about to face Thomas, who normally plays GWr ErhnamGeddon it seemed very off.

Well, Thomas decided to try another deck – UW control. Thank you Thomas (when he made the choice, of course he didn’t know about my maindeck REB, but Oh My! Her learned about the quickly!).

In the first game he plays a Land Tax, that I have no game against. My mana denial play of Winter Orb, Sinkholes and Force Spikes was absolutely useless.

But in the next two games, things went a little differently. In one of the games, I think I made Thomas rethink his decision to enter the great game of Magic a year or so ago:

4 Sinkhole, 2 Red Elemental Blast, 2 Spector, 2 Force Spike, Mind Twist, Winter Orb, 2 Lightning Bolt – equals great fun!

It was a long and grindy game, but my deck did exactly what I had hoped for designing it. I don’t think Thomas has ever played against a resource-denial strategy like this before. He was not entirely amused, but of course he kept his great mood, and we had a good discussion about card-advantage and the fierce fight for resources being the absolute center of the game.

My last game of the night was against Teis.

I am fairly certain, that even though I have only met Teis a couple of times, I can call him a friend. So I decided to try out one of the decks for my upcoming article on Enchantress Prison decks. No other than an actual Stasis prison deck. Oh. The. Joy!

We had some interesting games. Teis was playing Blue White control (check the picture with the incredible counters for some more insight). As you know, it is always a delight to play the beautiful ladies of the wild. This night was no different! And the deck actually seemed rather strong. I will not share the entire list today, but hopefully I will finish the MEGA-article on prison decks within the coming weeks.

A picture is most certainly in order though:

I actually took this picture the exact time where I thought I was sure to win, but in reality it was the exact time, I made a mistake that could have cost me the game. I drew and played the Strip Mine, and the continued to play the Serra Angel. I should have just stripped his last untapped land, so he would never be able to Swords my Instill Energy Birds. I won. But it was a clear mistake.

Building and playing prison decks is always interesting. When they are on the drawing board, it is often very difficult to know if the work. But when they do work it is just such a joy! This worked more than once!

And that was that for the night! We are all grown men with kids and jobs and so on. But a night like this is just exactly what one needs after almost a year and a half playing next to no real Magic!

Have a great one out there!

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