Mailday 10 – more duals! And a plan

It’s been almost half a year since my latest mailday post! Wild. I know these are probably not the most interesting posts I do, but they do tell a story about a collection of cardboard. And I am very surprised that it has been so long, since the last time I posted some of my latest acquisitions.

But frankly, I haven’t bought that much since September. I have tried to save up some money for something special, and then, in January, I managed to buy these:

Yes. These things are worth saving for! I can never afford Unlimited duals without some serious testiment to their age. But these things are simple beauties. I am now half way through the 40before40 challenge in Unlimited Duals. I still need Badlands, Savannah, Tundra, Scrubland, Plateau. And that is the order in which I intend to buy them. If I ever buy them. Who plays white anyway?!

These set me back quite some. But then something rare and beautiful happened. I was able to trade for some cards. Even a real, playable old school staple like this true masterpiece:

My preferred deity! Oh how I love this card! It is one of my all-time favorites. Both art and function is just great. This is my fourth copy. It may not be the one, I will play the most, but it is not bad to be able to shove the complete playset into a deck once in a while.

And I traded away some random old foil cards for it! What is not to love?

Besides the chilling orb, I also got some great cards for my upcoming Time Vault deck:

You are right, keen reader, these are not Old School legal. But they are about to kick some ass, comboing like crazy in all directions, in my upcoming Canlander deck. Great stuff.

Making plans

The last couple of years, I have bought a lot of new cards for my collection. Spend a lot of money on cardboard. My want’s list is finally coming down to a length, where I can see some kind of end (there will always be possible, albeit more or less unobtainable, upgrades).

So this year, I decided I would make a plan for what cards I will try and acquire (besides the ones just mentioned).

These are it, in order of priority:

2 Candelabra of Tawnos

4 Unlimited Badlands

4 Antiquities Tetravus

2 Angelic Voices

Around 20 cards for the aforementioned Canlander deck.

This is quite the shopping list. I don’t have much faith, that I will reach this goal, because the Candelabras and Badlands are rather expensive and rare cards. But I hope it will be a nice way for me to focus on what I really want, instead of buying crazy shit for horrible, fringe, tier23 decks. Those are fun, but I spent most of last year buying a lot of crazy stuff. Not it is time to grow up.

On the positive side, I just found out, that I still have a lot of old foil premodern cards. Those have simply skyrocketed in price, so I guess it is time for me to make a sales post somewhere.

Anyway, that is it for tonight. There won’t be many mailday posts this year, if I manage to stick to my plan. But I guess none of you really minds 🙂

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