A life of Magic

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For quite some time now, I have wanted to write something about the impact Magic: the Gathering has had on my life. I haven’t done it because I haven’t had a real good place to publish it. Now I do. This blog. Because, as I write in the “About”-section, I sometimes just write about life […]

Solving Old School

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So everyone and their grandmother now knows about the great Magic: the Gathering format of Old School. The format for the really rich, old and casual magic players. The format is defined by a never-changing very limited cardpool. Only seven sets are allowed (if following the Swedish rules): Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends […]

DreamyDiamondWalls on the Jutland Ridge

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Originally published on Magnus’ blog on September 5th 2020 I went for a tournament. No, not an online one. An actual real-life, physical, get-together-with-old-friends-and-new-and-play-some-cardboard-on-a-real-table kind of tournament. It was great! If not for the constant fear of the plague. No, it was actually just great. It was the aptly named At the Mountains of Madness […]

Old School Magic is love

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First published on Magnus blog, August 23 2018 A couple of weeks ago a regular at the Danish Old School community’s Facebook-page posted the photos below, along with a description of a horrible washing machine malfunction and some less-than-advisable storage of Old School cards (ie. in the basement). This flooding came during one of the […]