Mailday 18 – A quarter of 2024

A quarter and then some of 2024 has come, gone and went. I have made several purchases and maildays has been planty. Or not really actually, because most of what I have bought the last couple of months has actually been face to face, but some of the acquisitions has involved mailing. So great. Nothing like the feeling of opening letters and packages with new play things.

Modern shenanigans and crazyness

At the very beginning of the year, I went into a shopping spree/buying frenzy. Much like I did back when I was buying random crazyness for all my Enchantress decks back in the day. This time, though, I went for a lot of new additions to the Vintage cube I was starting up.

These are just some of the cards I have assembled. I make a point out of buying some of the crazy editions of the cards – just for the heck of it.

The strange and somewhat stressful part of building a Vintage cube is that is ever-changing. I made a list of 450 cards back aroun Christmas I wanted to assemble. I now have around 400 of those, but now I want to add maybe 50 new cards from all the insane amount of new releases there has been since Christmas. We’ll see how much of a boomer cube it will be, or if I will be able to keep somewhat up to the hasty release schedule!

Not a color in sight!

I love myself some colorless spells. Not least in Old School, and certainly not least when said spells are from one of the very first editions.

The first new, cool cards I have wanted for some time, and that I finally bought back in February are these beauties – straight from my plan for 2024.

Yes! These are very brew-worthy! Atog-Berserk-Swords? Yes please! Ball Lightning, Su-Chi, Swords? Count me in once more!

I really like these cards. I know they are not really great. 6 mana is a lot. Comes into play tapped is a real pain. But just think about playing these together with Ball Lightning! The dream, I tell you.

I bought these when I attended the Whisperer in the Darkness tournament. Tier1MtG was present at the tournament and had brought a display of goodies.

I fell in love with these:

I figured I would have trouble living without them, knowing I could have bought an entire set for a very reasonable price. I really like buying everything at once, when possible.

The Tablet has lost some or most of its presence at the higher tiers, having been cut from the Atog decks, but I still find it a cool card. And my love for Beta cards have not dwindled in any way.

I find myself more and more prone to upgrade some of my cards to Beta copies instead of buying cards I don’t own in any version yet.

Thus also these…

These may net exactly be holy grails, but it was still the word that came to mind when I took this picture. I have wanted these cards for several years. Some of my favorite decks – and the ones I have had the most succes with – play these alongside Black Vise and Howling Mine. I have had playsets of Beta Vises and Mines for a long time, but my German Ankhs have been sore to my eye. Now at least half of them are a beautiful sight for those sore eyes. I am trying to find the money for the last two.

And then some swagger

I have not only bought new cards, I have also bought some playmats with my own designs.

The first one is a drawing my son made for me some months back

Would you look at that! He was seven years old at the time. And he was like “could you please find me a picture of the best card” and I found a picture of the old flower, which he then painted like this in like 20 minutes. I am very fond of this playmat. So is my son 🙂

The last couple of months I have found a new hobby. Not something to really rival the Wizarding, but something to do with the kids.

I make HAMA beads! Also of legendary magic card art. I will show you at one point, but for now you have to live with this – a playmat with a picture of one of my HAMA beads plates.

The final playmat – and the final picture for today, is a mat with a tag from fellow Wednesday Wizard Peter W.

“Spektaklet” is Danish for “The Spectacle.” I have played on this mat a lot. I really like it.

That was the mail days I had in the first quarter of 2024.

Lets se where the next quarter brings us – and if I ever get closer to the goals I have set, or if I keep spending my money on fringe stuff!

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