Mailday 5 – Spicy Enchantments and more

I told you, this was on the way. A new mailday post was immanent. I have had mail.

Quite a pile, even. And I still have at least one letter in the mail, containing about 70 cards more.

Look at this:

Nope, sadly it is not all old School

See, that is a nice pile of cards. Unfortunately they are not all Old School – there is a bunch of Premodern beauties in there too. But behold this majestic spread:

I wont share a picture of the Premodern cards, because it would simply be unfair to them.

Yep! Those are 4 Revised Blessing. Yep it is 2 Tangle Kelp (look it up, but don’t play it…). And Yep a third time, those are just some very, very nice looking pieces of pressed together paper!

I really like getting some big hitters in my door – Unlimited Duals, Beta Howling Mines, Alpha Whatever – but this presses a whole range of other buttons.

I am really, really enjoying these cards, and I look forward to try them out! As I noted in my latest big post, the prices on the really good cards (and also on some of the bad, that just happen to reside on the Reserved List) are getting out of my league. And this has forced me to think in new ways – and I am so glad I did. I am sure these cards will bring a lot of joy, and I assure you, that I will share that joy with you.

Thanks for reading – have a great evening/day/afternoon/whenever.

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