Mailday 3 – Stuff! Lots of it…

I have got mail! Actually I have had several maildays the last couple of weeks. With a lot of different stuff in it. Nothing really big, but quite the pile it is.

The cards I have acquired over the last month or so are not just Old School. I have also bought some cards for my Canadian Highlander decks and for some Premodern Decks.


I actually got myself together and bought a pile of cards I need to assemble a couple of Canadian Highlander decks:

I am building a Blue-Black-White artifact-heavy deck and a Blue-White-Green blink deck for the Canadian Highlander format. Even though I haven’t actually played a game of Canlander yet, it seems a fun format, where you can play both some of the most busted cards in existence as well as some of the beloved cards, you don’t often get to use.

And several of my friends play Canlander exclusively, so I kinda have to build a deck or two…


And speaking of beloved cards, seldom used. Premodern is a format build for the exact purpose of playing some of the cards, you used to play in your elementary school. It is a VERY fun format with an incredible amount of brewing possibilities. Oh, and did I mention that it is dirt-cheap? I mean getting a pile of cards like this in the door, for the price of a single Alpha Dark Ritual, is rather nice sometimes:

I am building a battlebox of 6-8 Premodern decks I want to have permanently assembled. This pile finishes four of the decks, so now I am ready for some kitchen table Magic! I will write a bit about the battlebox and what decks are in it at one point. Stay tuned…

Old School

Yes, of course I also bought some Old School cards. Not least the 4 Wild Growths from Alpha to complement my four ladies.

The Greed and the Armors are for some Enchantress projects I am working on, which will be part of my coming series MEGA – Make Enchantress Great Again. The Demon is just a really cool card I’d like to have.

That’s it for now. And it was probably the last mailday this year. It will be exciting what next year brings!

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