One spicy tuna roll, please

I wish I could take credit for either the writing, the unbelievably cool deck or the rather impressive 4-4 finish in the Winter Derby along with a most spicy top8, but alas, all of that goes to Kristian Ringkjær Andresen, I only humbly provide the space in the cyber. Enjoy Kristians great and amazing recipe for destruction belowEmil

Today we are having a look at my recipe for a delicious big fish cocked in the Swedish kitchen.

Typically, a spicy tuna roll is made with three main ingredients: rice, raw, big fish, and lots of hot spice. While not a big fish lover, I do love a big fish. My main three ingredients for this spicy dish? Su-Chi, Metamorphosis and Leviathan.

We are going to cook a really big fish!

This is, however, not where this dish had its starting point. Truth is, I planned for Sindbad to be the base of the dish. While not as spicy as Aladdin or Ali Baba, most people are aware that Sindbad mixed with some Sylvan Library adds a well-known, sweet taste with a little heat to any dish.

The tasty Sindbad-Sylvan-combo

The flavor of Sindbad immediately made my thoughts drift towards Old Man of the Sea and whales. But not just any whale. I mean, some Island Fish Jasconius would be obvious in a flavorful take on a dish like this, but it just isn’t that tasty after all! Anyone who has tried it should know exactly what I am talking about. No, we have to go classier. We have to find a very well assorted fishmonger this time, because we need Leviathan! Have you ever tried Leviathan? I bet you have heard of it as a kid or maybe even seen it. That fish is… when you pick up this ingredient… Man!!! The nostalgia, excitement and feelings it generates means this can’t be wrong.

Cooking a Leviathan isn’t easy. It takes patience and a little luck to get it perfectly done. Luckily, I have a few tips that will ease the process. Most people have some Su-Chi lying around. Get some Metamorphosis and you are all set. I prefer heating my Su-Chi a little before hitting them with Metamorphosis. Now plate the Leviathan! If you’re out of Su-Chi you may very well be able to borrow some using Control Magic as Su-Chi is nigh ubiquitous in the Swedish kitchen.


Some nice Old Man of the Sea and Control Magic will inevitable make the dish remind your guests at the table of ingredients they like to use themselves and make this dish even tastier.

It can be hard to make new ingredients work immediately. Remember, when ingredients change plates, they cool down a little. But that’s not something we can’t fix with a sprinkle of Instill Energy. Actually, this works very well with Leviathan and Sindbad too. I would say it is almost a must on Leviathan. You can also opt for some Maze of Ith for the Leviathan, if you’ve run out of Instill Energy. Leviathan is just more delicious when seasoned correctly. Of course, you can eat it as it is. Just make sure, that you and your stomach are in a state of full control before you do so.

The correct seasoning for a Leviathan

To ensure some consistency and control to let the spicy flavors of the dish shine, I add some Crumble, Avoid Fate, Recall, and a handful or two of restricted ingredients. With all of this in the pot the dish quickly takes its final form. I came to like it very much this way and no changes were ever made to the recipe.

Black Lotus and Library of Alexandria would obviously have been very nice additions to the dish, but I simply don’t have access to any of these ingredients.

I brought the dish to a few test dinners with some like-minded friends. The dish was a spicy success. Many guests got full alone from the taste of Mishra’s Factory and Su-Chi. But the Leviathan surprise in the center of the dish took many by surprise. They were both amazed and awed before they tasted the Leviathan!

Fish is not for everyone. This is why I keep Mirror Universe handy when cooking Leviathan. In my experience, Mirror Universe can often shut the mouth on those fish haters out there. It also works wonderfully together with Sylvan Library. I recommend serving it with a Psionic Blast or two at the side.

Talking about sides. One thing to keep in mind is which side dishes you serve along with the main. In my opinion most side dishes should be well-known favorites. There’s simply no room to experiment too much with these if you are aiming for some success. Often one big bite of Leviathan is enough for most guests. It’s a one trick pony, which is why you should make sure your guests can fill their stomachs with nice side dishes once they’ve tried the Leviathan.

Ready to be served (Note to self: Add more Maze of Ith next time)

I am delighted with my dish and have brought it to a few cooking challenges. The dish was served throughout the first two batches at the Winter Derby (A huge shoutout to Masterchef Dave Firth Bard! I salute you!) and at the Danish Old School monthly tournament, Tron Wars, in January 2021.

Thank you for cooking along and remember a menu should always offer a variety of classic and new dishes.

Stay healthy friends


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