Mailday 6 – ABUR

Yep. Not Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised. Rather Anonymous Buyers of Used Reserved list cards. Naaah, I know, I didn’t really nail it…

I thought I was pretty much done, buying playable cards from the Reserved List – recent price spikes and all that going on – but then I had some good offers, and I brewed a lot on Enchantress builds. Now this:

Yep, a couple of Copy Artifacts and a Coffin – straight from the List

So there it is, apparently I still buy Reserved List cards – also some not so cheap ones.

But what I really want to direct your attention at, is the two beautiful Beta Flights, and the ever-incredible Alpha Channel. No, you cannot see the awesome rounded corners, but Channel is actually one of the Alpha cards that differ from its Beta nephew in the textbox. Look it up.

Ooooooh, that is some great stuff. Also, of course, four Carnivorous Plant – in before the SPIKE!

Have a great one. I promise I will soon(-ish) post part two of my MEGA series. Right now my primary excuse is the fact, that I still need some cards from the postman (I CANNOT recommend the Spanish Postal Service!).

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