Mailday 16 – Three dimensions to the Square. And a couple of Valleys

Apparently it is getting harder to come up with adequate, reasonably meaningful titles to these posts. Anyway. We are here for a Mailday post. The first one since May, even. It is not because I haven’t bought any cards since then. Actually I have bought quite some. But mailday posts are mostly for my own sake, to be able to remember which cards I bought what year.

And even though this will be a year of relatively few mailday posts, I want some!

So here goes…

Getting ready for a Canadian Showdown

As I mentioned in my last post, I am going to Ballerup in a couple of weeks, to fight it out Canlander style.

I needed some cards for that. A lot of cards actually. Luckily I could find most of them with my trusted online store Tier1Mtg (I am not getting paid by them in any way, I just like the people working there, and I find their prices reasonable).

See this is a whole host of different insane cards. Even though I find Canlander very difficult and very complex, I also really enjoy playing it sometimes. You just get to feel the full power of the entire Magic universe. There are so many utterly ridiculous cards out there.

I even played Legacy and Modern until a couple of years ago, but in the last three to five years, it seems like the power level has gone completely through the roof. And one of the most incredible things is, that even when designing and building a 100 card singleton deck, you have to be very careful not to put anything in any spot that is less powerful than the card that would be best in slot. There are simply so many powerful cards, that basically any strategy is viable. Even in a competitive 100 card singleton format! It is actually very impressive when you think about it.

Anyway the above picture of some of the cards I have recently bought has cards for several decks in it. Primarily because I am still uncertain what I want to play in Ballerup, but also because I realize I have to buy a bit more into the format to be able to build a couple of different decks, without having to rely on proxies (even though we do allow them in Ballerup).

Cubing like its 2003

As I told you earlier this week, I am building a Premodern-themed cube. It is great fun, and I cant wait to give it a spin, and try it out for the first time in Ballerup.

I needed a couple of hundred cards and some basic lands. I bought a huge chunk of those recently.

Just looking at this pile makes me smile. There are so many cards that have so many memories attached, it is unbelievable. This is the real nostalgic era for me personally. These cards are my schoolyard experience.

I hope it will be a blast to draft these along with the rest of the cube, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be, when The Card Collective was nice enough to throw in 100 premodern era basic lands when I made an order from them some months back.

I know it is often mentioned, that one of the best reasons to play Premodern, is the selection of basic lands. I tend to agree. Look at that! Such an awesome display of beautiful artwork.

After I got the 100 basics, I have realized that 20 of each is probably not enough for a draft, so I will have to acquire some more, or go through my boxes to find 10 more of each or something. But these are the ones, the great guys at The Card Collective threw me, when I bought…

Plans are there for a reason…

… the second Diamond Valley from them back in July or August if I remember correctly.

Now THIS is nice!

This is the exact kind of crazy shenanigan-infusing card I want to own and play. And these two were at the very top of my “to-buy 2023”-list. Great to have them off the list again. As always I have now figured that two is probably not quite enough, but we also need to put some cards on the list for 2024.

For now, I am just looking forward to a chance to play these along Control Magic, Animate Dead, Copy Artifact, Rukh Egg and the almighty Skull of Orm! Uhhh! Shivers! It will be great.

And that is it for now. I guess my “to-buy 2023” list is actually down to just one copy of Mirror Universe! Oh how exciting it will be to witness my journey and find out if I make it before New Years! Stay tuned.

Have a great night, or whatever else time you are having. I am in for some Canlander and Cube testing.

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