MEGA2 – AggroChantress

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Part 2. The Aggro deck Right. Off to the biggest of the challenges first. As I have mentioned, I am no big aggro deck player. Actually, I don’t really like playing creatures with no other interesting ability than the ability to attack (LINK). And as I mentioned in Part 1 of the MEGA series (LINK), […]

DreamyDiamondWalls on the Jutland Ridge

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Originally published on Magnus’ blog on September 5th 2020 I went for a tournament. No, not an online one. An actual real-life, physical, get-together-with-old-friends-and-new-and-play-some-cardboard-on-a-real-table kind of tournament. It was great! If not for the constant fear of the plague. No, it was actually just great. It was the aptly named At the Mountains of Madness […]